Throttle controls all outputs HELP?!

Hi all,

First time arduplane user here!

I am having an issue with my radio calibration when setting up my fixed wing plane where the throttle is causing the pitch, roll, and yaw to vary, along with the throttle (which is the only one working correctly).

I am using the TD R18 receiver and the outputs are correct when I plug the servos directly into this, but when I wire up the PPM encoder and connect this to the PixHawk 6c, all of the controls do not function apart from the throttle. For reference, I am using the FRSky X20 controller and this is connected properly with the receiver.

Thanks in advance!

Are you using a separate PPM encoder? According to the specs of the TD R18: “The configurable 18 channel ports are a big feature of TD R18, each channel port can be assigned as PWM, SBUS, FBUS, or S.Port.” So why not set the TD R18 to SBus?

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Hi Hans,

Thank you for the response. We are using the PPM encoder to convert the 8 channel signals into 1 for the PixHawk 6c. How would you go about setting the TD R18 to SBus- is this through the controller? And how would I get this connected to the PixHawk as I am aiming to complete autonomous flight?


It’s in the TD R18 manual and you connect to the PPM/Sbus RC connector on the Pixhawk. You don’t need the encoder.

Hi Hans, apologies slow response but this has worked for us now! Thank you for guiding me in the correct direction

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