The problem was found, causing the aircraft to lose throttle and crash in auto mode

This problem can be realized by simulator in mission planner.

1: Set a waypoint task for the aircraft.

2: Take off aircraft

3: Switch to auto mode with ground station

4: When the aircraft reaches the target altitude and normally walks to the waypoint, click “fly here” with the mouse to enter the guided mode, and the altitude is higher than the waypoint altitude

5: When the aircraft reaches the guided position, enter the auto mode using the ground station to continue the waypoint task.

6: At this point, you will find that the throttle output is 0, and continue to reduce the height until the crash.

I encountered this problem in today’s flight, which is very dangerous. Because the plane has left the control range of the remote control, I can’t enter the manual mode.


Ask and answer:

I found the reason. It is my aircraft that turns on the glider function, so when the automatic mode is higher than the minimum altitude, it will turn off the throttle to find the updraft.