TFmini I2c on pixhawk

Hey people i really need your help !

I am working on Tfmini lidar on I2C ! I want to weite a driver for it on pichawk 4 chibios.
I wrote a driver on raspberry pi and it works fine ! I need to send on i2c bus this tram of data (0x01,0x02,0x07) then i start to read data without a stop confition in the middle ! It works just fine on raspberry pi but i dont get a signification data on pixhawk 4 using i2cMasterTransmitTimeout().
Can someone help me ?

I fly Arducopter not plane but all my drones have I2C TFmini. So wondering why it’s not working in Plane.

I think that you run with Tfmini plus on I2C not Tfmini

ah good point I had not thought of that. Your right. I know there where no plans for a driver for the regular TF mini. Which is a shame because I have one sitting on the bench.

Good luck. I wish I knew how to assist you.