Tether Drone Suggestions

So i am planning to build a Tether drone for which I am thinking of using a power supply which will be directly mounted in the drone and can deliver up to 16.5v 50amp continuously.

I am planning to use a 20-18awg wire to supply 220v AC to the PSU from the generator on the ground.

Case 1
I will use a power distribution board with two inputs one I will directly attach to the PSU and one with an onboard battery and both will have separate Mauch 073 sensors to monitor.

Case 2
To use a power module like holybro PM06 V2 and directly solder both the battery input and PSU input to the single input pad on the Power module but then i am only able to see the combined voltage and amper draw data.

If any have ever worked on Tether drone pls share some suggestions on which will be the better way to go and if i am missing something.

Tether drones usually use 800V in order to reduce the required current and hence wire weight. 50A requires heavy wires.

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Unless you have experience with mechanics, control loops, sliprings, Kevlar reinforced cables, high voltage electronics, etc etc. go buy a ready-to-use solution, like Elistair. They have solutions up to 3000W and 100meters.

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Valofly is also a good option

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