Test: Motor Balance = FAIL

Anyone have thoughts on what is the cause and solution to this error message from Pixhawk and Arducopter 3.3.3?

Test: Motor Balance = FAIL - Motor channel averages = [1638, 1543, 1564, 1615, 1593, 1587, 1149]
Average motor output = 1526
Difference between min and max motor averages = 489

This flight completed and will upload the bin file. After the flight completed, the Pixhawk will not arm, the HUD displays Disarmed, and not sure what the cause is and then how to resolve.

Any thoughts/ideas/input are greatly appreciated.

Link to .bin and .log


Bump. Any insights?

I’m experiencing the same test failure ever since upgrading to MP 1.3.41 from 1.3.39. . All previous and current flights now show the Motor Balance Failure while under 1.3.39 they did not.

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Does coming back to 1.3.39 resolve the problem ?

I asked a similar question recently.
The answers I got suggested I check the CofG. This is a key setup issue since if the CofG is off then the controller is constantly trying to compensate by adjusting power to the motors.
Although my CofG was off a little, in my case, this was not the reason.
Another possibility is that the motors are not all mounted at the same angle and/or height.

I had attempted to repair a couple of props after some unintended ground ploughing. In doing this, at least 1 prop was approx 1/4" shorter than the others, so the thrust was adversely impacted and the FC was compensating by reducing power to one motor and increasing it to the opposite motor.
After replacing the props, the Auto Analyze Log report now gives me a “Good” result.

Yeah and CG is not my issue, and the CG is dead on.