Terrain following over the trees

I have used terrain following over different terrains and its works awesome. But I was wondering if i could use terrain following over the trees. There is usually spacing between trees, so is it possible to uses terrain following for flying drone over tree farm.


There is no data for tree height.

If you do terrain follow with a lidar it is going to see trees and follow the height.

We have a barrier of trees at the field we test and if in terrain follow when we fly over the aircraft goes up the set altitude above trees.

So if I give takeoff height of 15m considering trees are 10m high and then give 5m constant height above the trees in autonomous mission, it should work. But my only worry is that when drone will pass through the spacing between trees lidar will see ground and hence will measure distance from ground, thus bringing the drone down and maybe collide.

Aircraft will fly 15 meters above whatever it is below if your terrain follow altitude is set at 15 meters.

If there is flat terrain will fly at 15 above terrain, it there are trees it’ll fly 15 above trees. In terrain follow it’ll keep 15 meters from whatever the lidar senses below it.
So yes if you fly at 5 meters from trees and there is a big enough hole in the trees it’ll descent to 5 meters to the ground and eventually collide with the next tree when the hole is over.