Terrain follow problem

I fly in terrain mode.

When I now connect MAVlink in Mission Planner I’m getting a “Bad or No Terrain Data” error. Looking at the status tab in Mission Planner it shows ter_pend = 392, ter_load = 0. There is no terrain info saved to the SD card. I have a good internet connection.

I’ve formatted the SD card and tried other SD cards that I know are good so it’s not that.


I never used to have this issue.

Any help appreciated.

I had a similar problem about a month ago. Here’s the post where I discussed it and the solution I came up with. #54967

I also came across this post last week from another user describing a similar problem. #56643

I did a bug report on github but so far no one has responded.

I hope this can help you.

You are a genius. That was the issue.

The Pixhawk failed to create the TERRAIN sub-directory on the SD card. Doing it manually sorted it.

Thanks. It was driving me mad.

Definitely bug that needs sorting.

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I’m glad I was able to help you!

I’m going to post this on the bug report I opened on the github, see if anyone can finally take a look at it.

Where in the world are you?

Spain [Complete up to the min 20 char hahaha]

Read this thread…I think helped someone out with this previously…

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Yeah, that’s my post. Which I had already referred to in the first response I put in this thread hahahahahaha.

What actual file/folder structure did you need on the SD Card?
Was it like this?


Or was TERRAIN at the top (root) level?

EDIT: adding in @Hoehenarbeit David too

Yes, as in your screenshot in the APM folder.

The correct folder structure is as shown in the picture, with the TERRAIN folder inside the APM folder.
And the problem is that this TERRAIN folder is not generated automatically which leads to the problems I described.

Yep, TERRAIN folder inside APM.

May I ask whats inside the UAVCAN folder? I don´t have this one even though I use UAVCAN.