Teraranger Evo (single) and Obstacle Avoidance = still to be implemented?

Hi all,

i’ve some Teraranger EVO sensor and an “HUB” made to couple them together.
One single sensor can be wired directly to the I2C bus of the Pixhawk, while more require the hub.
I’d want to try some basic obstacle avoidance putting one single sensor on the front, so i wired one sensor with the “I2C” board to my pixhawk 2.1, flashed the latest 3.6-dev on it (now it says 3.7-DEV)
I found the following problems:

  • it seems that the I2C bus is heavly disturbed by the EVO sensor, mainly the GPS/compass unit (HERE).
    I had troubles to make them work togheter, and even if i suceed, EKF goes mad after a minute sitting on bench. I tried to use EKF3, which seemed to be better, but it freezes (!!) the board totally after some reboots (it seems that EKF3 + Evo + GPS makes some troubles at config, and it does not detect GPS unit as well. Going back to EKF2 fixes that but EKF errors came back). I think there’s an Hardware issue, here.

  • if set to “down” i can read measures, but if i set the sensor as “frontal” i lose its measurement readings (see below, i think i found why)

  • it seems that Obstacle avoidance with a single rangefinder sensor is not implemented yet, as today it’s working as height meter only?

  • the only option i have to have a proper “obstacle avoidance” with this hw is to use the Hub and hook it to a serial port. Can someone confirm that? Eventually the single sensor option is a WIP?

i cannot try the hub right now, it lacks an extra “serial board” (which i just ordered) to be wired to Pixhawk. I tried it through usb to my laptop with its GUI and it works.