Telemetry with Two Arduino and nRF24L01 + PA

Hello all.
I’m wondering if 2 Arduinos (nano), 2 nRF24L01+PA and 1 bluetooth module can be used as a telemetry. I couldn’t find any documentation about it despite searching the forums. Anyone know about this?


nRF24L01+PA is short range and low bandwidth, it can work but it is so much easier to work with the SIK radios.

Frankly, I used Sik Radio telemetry too much.
915mHz 100mw = 60-70 meters
433mHz 100mw = 60-70 meters
433mHz 1.000mw = 100 meters

I tried these on a rc bait boat that I used on the lake.
A sharer on Youtube, I saw that he traveled 5km with 915mHz 100mw (exactly the same telemetry) telemetry on an airplane, but is there a setting problem in my telemetry?

The reason why I want to use an nrf module is that it is both cheap and has a range of 1000 meters… The range value specified in the datasheet is 1,000 meters. But I don’t know if it’s true.

I think I have 5 telemetry at the moment, but none of them work at a distance of 250-300 meters…

Looks like an antenna problem to me … what type of antennas do you use ?

915mHz 100mw

915mHz 500mw

433mHz 1.000mw

I’m testing with the original antennas but the problem persists.
I tried many example configurations but still the same problems…
However, a telemetry I used before (915mHz) had an excellent range and did not cause any problems, but unfortunately any telemetry I bought recently could not reach 250-300 meters range.
Yes, there are differences in range when used on water, I am aware of this.
However, the fact that it disconnects at such a short distance, that it transfers data very slowly at 50-60 meters distances, that it constantly disconnects and causes problems in reconnecting seems to be an adjustment or antenna problem.
How do you think I can overcome antenna or configuration issues?
I don’t think they’re faulty, I guess they couldn’t all be faulty at the same time, that would be a huge coincidence…

Yeah… I know, we are dealing with cheap copies now, it is hard to get the quality :frowning:
The only radios that are fully working are the rfd 900, but they are expensive.

Yes you are right about the RFD900, but unfortunately they are too expensive in my country…
Therefore, arduino and nrf module into the boat,
I am researching whether there is a work with arduino, nrf module and bluetooth module to provide control.

Being able to provide telemetry controls via mobile phone and application via Bluetooth… However, I could not find a really implemented document-work-video…