Telemetry with Frysky Horus and Pixhawk


I wanted to try the Frysky Horus with the latest Open TX version on my Pixhawk hexacopter. Has someone already a working widget telemetry screen setup, or knows how to set it up? Thx, Christian

Hi Christian, I am looking at the same challenge. Everything I found is aiming to the taranis. HAve you already found a solution?

Hello Soul,

no sorry, so far we didn´t find real solution for it.

this is a german page, but I think this is what you are looking for.

Looks like a new lua script for horus…

Have not tried it.

Thanks Coby, that looks nice, and I tried it, but some values are not correct…altitude, current, distance Shows wrong data. Hope they fix it, would be eprfect for my needs!

have a look here: