Telemetry with Crossfire and Taranis

Does any one know how to get the Telemetrie via Crossfire on the Taranis? Even when I control Pixhawk over Mavlink (I can’t use this generally because of only having 8 channels its not an Option for me) I don’t get any Telemetry Data. It discovers the Sensors, but no Data.

Have you tried 4.1 with Crossfire support?

Not yet, I give it a go…

And Mavlink 2 should give you 12 Channels.

I read that, tried with the 4.04. But unfortunately negativ.

Do I have to connect it over Mavlink? Or RCin? If RCin where to connect the Crossfire RX? Do I have to change some Params?

Yes, you need to change the cf rx, channel 8 to mavlink tx, channel 7 auto sets to mavkink rx. Make a cable to connect to a telemetry port.Never tried telemetry, but I’ve run crossfire on several pixhawk builds. You should check out dragon link for anything ardupilot though. Even though I love my crossfire setups, it is more hobby focused. Dragon link is friggin mind blowing though.

Connect to a UART, set the SERIALn_PROTOCOL of the UART to 23. That should be it.

Wonderful! Sorted. 12 channels and Telemetry. Thanks alot. Looking forward to the stable one.

Still a little Problem, Crossfire got the Opportunity to send the Mavlink Data over Bluetooth to Mission Planner. Wich would be super handy for e.g. an Antennentracker.
Mission Planner get stuck when he try to download the Parameters.

Yeah I think that’s known - its in the CRSF docs. Doesn’t work for me either and is not expected to work, the telemetry is pretty limited

Schade… If that work it would be a perfekt reliable System

Yeah I know - petition TBS, they agree it would be good but I think its a bunch of work for them

Anyway, could always be better. What I got now is super! Thanks again

In the pre 4.x firmware versions, it was possible to work with the Mavlink(1) telemetry, limited to the full size TX and bluetooth connection.
Parameter download was sometimes slow (depending on the actual connection quality), but it worked in between 20 seconds to a minute or so.

But since the 4.x Firmware the Mavlink telemetry is somewhat out-of-synch. This is a big issue especially during parameter download or waypoint management. It makes it somewhat unusable.
So it is not only a problem of the limited telemetry link but a real issue of the 4.x firmware. The latest 4.05 I did not test yet.

I just tested 4.05. Same as 4.04. Serial 1 to Mavlink (not like 4.1 where you put to RC23)
Always it looks like a good connection to Mission Planner over BT in the Beginning but then it stops and MP stops working

But you are right, at one point it has also worked in the circumstances like you discribed, @fingadar
I think it was 4.04 with Mavlink1, that was my first Test

@Paladin thanks also for that suggestion. Dragon Link is def. good stuff like the wonderful RFD900plus. But, besides from my official work I’m getting also now in racedrones and look at the size of receivers…

There certainly is a lot of traffic about this lately, and there rightly is intense interest in solid functionality for delivering useful downlink telemetry directly to the TX unit. At this very moment, I am finding that TBS’s offerings falls far short of what RFDesign has delivered from the very start. In my situation, I am using RFDesign links to not only give me real-time awareness of essential real-time quantities, but also carrying to the ground forwarded, user-unique sensor data generated at the UAS and communicated via MAVLink to the flight controller, and successfully supporting scientific data collection. The Crossfire ecosystem is wonderful for the racing milieu it originally served, but I’ve found it not up to the task for carrying scientific telemetry.

Theire are in my eyes two big advantage for using crossfire.

  1. you can fly without a computer because you got your telemetry on your RC
  2. because of an adjustable TX Power you can use it legal in Countrys where theire are Laws about Frequenzies and Power.

The other simple fact, is that some of us already own crossfire. I’d really prefer not to buy another external module, for the same frequencies. Porting something common in seems like a good idea to me. It may be designed for race or fpv, but it is a solid radio system. The seat belts in your car were designed for military aircraft, but you use them in your car right? We port useful things. I believe its called innovation.