Telemetry radio (MicroHard) is only connecting after preflight reboot shutdown?

Hello all.

We’re having issued connecting our VTOL to mission planner via a Microhard radio on TCP, we get full connection via QGC with exact same settings/hardware, but via mission planner can only get a connection after doing a preflight_reboot_shutdown in mission planner action menu.

Trying to connect via tcp normally it sometimes connects and read the mode, but then freezes and does not get the parameters but it opens that window but does nothing, after a preflight_reboot_shutdown, all works perfectly, this is weird and obviously not idea as we need to plug in via USB every time to get the radio working,

any ideas ??

Welcome back! Great to see you guys using ArduPilot again.
I retagged this to Missionplanner as your issue seems to be specific to that GCS. @Michael_Oborne can change it back if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

can you provide a copy of the tlog, and rlog. I would like to see both.
and if possible a copy of a wireshark capture as well.

Thanks James :smile: Will attached logs here shortly, thanks!

short logs, trying to capture a wireshark now

Tried every possible setting, Arduplane side, parameter side, Mission Planner side and Microhard side, works perfectly AFTER a preflight_reboot_shutdown, but not on normal power up.

We’ve moved over to Arduplane/Quadplane with our Transitions, and this is the last missing step :slight_smile: If all goes well this might even be flying on our upcoming Reach.

in MP what do you have the streamrates set to? in MP options? they should be set to very low numbers

WirelessShark captures in the folder as well, one with normal power up and no connections, and another AFTER preflight_reboot_shutdown with successful connection, I hope this data is what you need ?

what baudrate are you running? 19200? 9600?
as for your rates. I would think they are either 1’s or 0’s depending on your baudrate

57600, again flawless connection after reboot, should I adjust those Telemetry rates in MP ?

the bad wireshark log shows there is no data being sent from the remote end

vs the good

strange, as the ONLY difference is the preflight_shutdown_reboot

I think its something the microhard unit is doing.

are there settings on it regarding the data being transported?

If it was microhard setting, why does it connect after preflight reboot with no issues?

the no connection data is different between both sides? I would have though it should be the same?

those are changes while i was testing today, they don’t seem to have made any difference, default is on, will revert the one side back now