Telemetry output very slow


Recently i’ve been struggling with very slow telemetry refresh rate on my all pixhawk’s(2.4.8) and new versions of arduplane.

I confirmed that all settings according to refresh rate on serial is correct but still i’m not even close to these numbers. I got refresh like every 20-30s and sometimes paramaters just freeze forever.

Could someone tell me what happend in never versions of arduplane and why telemetry output on both TELEM1 and TELEM2 are so slow? Telemetry at this point is just unusable.

Why do you think it is a software problem? Did you change something with the telemetry radios? What Radios do you use? What FW version? Which antennas? Can you provide a .bin file?

Because i got atleast 4 pixhawk’s currently and they all have the same issues recently. For telemetry i use minimosd with MWOSD loaded witch worked flawlessly untill now and secondtelemetry port is used by crossfire receiver and i got slow telemetry on my radio too.

I tried different radio/crossfire/osd and nothing seems to help so i assume the telemetry output is just slow from the pixhawk itself

No .bin file, no cookie :slight_smile:

Log file

I dont know what are you planning to check on this logs, but here it is. I would love to hear why the telemetry is so slow recently

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Hi …same issue different hardware though.
@amilcarlucas @akimata
This issue comes along a lot of times in this site.

Seems there is a difference in Telem 1& 2.?

Telem 2 listens to the SRx settings and Telem 1 does not !!!.
Because Telem 1 doesn’t , it cannot be used it seems …SLOW SLOW Data ( or to much in my case.) when a high data stream is on Telem 2.

Thoughts ?.

I think Telem 1 does listen to SRx settings but probably those settings get overritten by MP or MavProxy.
Didi you started mavproxy with “–streamrate=-1” ?

I see this behavior in MP Qground and on Minimosd OSD.
Telem 2 is always okay ,
Telem 1 does not respond to SR changes.

So Distance sensors over 915Mhz in Telem 2 -> MPlanner- Qground all is fine loads fast.
Miniosd in Telem 2 - all is fine .

Distance sensors in over 915Mhz on Telem 1 - MP does not load ,Qground data does not load.
Minimosd on Telem 1 updates every 2 minutes (estm.) .

Telem 2 - 4 lunas = 400bps on 2Hz.
Telem 2 - 4 Lunas = 200bps on 1Hz.

Telem 1- 4 lunas is always 2000 bps , this looks like 10Hz. ( -1 on sensors does nothing )
Telem 1 Miniosd - , updates in 2 minutes , not live !.. ( because off Luna data stream )

Disconnect the TF-Lunas , all seems fine. Telem 1&2