Telemetry & OSD + navigation

Hi, I am a homebuilder of a french ultralight aircraft in Italy (
I am looking for a cockpit display to be done using ardupilot code and other (fligtdeck?) to bild up an affordable but complete system to display all aircraft navigation data supplied by affordable ahrs sensors and barometer.
I will use any dysplay system will fit: I have no limitation other than readability, lightweight ad low price.
Does any one has already do that?
How to get informations?
Any suggestions?
Grazie mille

You are in the wrong section of the forum.

Of course I would not use that system as primary for vital flight informations .

As suggestion a Dell 13" notebook without screen, SSD drive with a sun readable display .
A 10" or 12 " should be enough better with a light sensor to dim the display brightness automatically

I think it’s been done, but no public information I am aware of.

A 2in1 laptop with detachable screen for display, connected to a cube with GPS would probably work nicely running Mission Planner, qgroundcontrol or other ground stations. No need for anything powerful btw, an old Asus T100 for instance would work nicely but depends obviously how big you’d like the screen to be.

You’d get a HUD + GPS map, orientation, attitude, altitude, acceleration, etc …For precise airspeed you’d have to figure out how to get an airspeed sensor outside the plane, tricky also because i2c (the signal communication protocol) does not like long wires. For heading not sure how a mag would do inside but I doubt it would be an issue if ultra light is mostly wood, plus you don’t really need it anyways.

If you are not familiar with Ardupilot I’d started with the wiki documentation.

Sorry for the mistake. Which is the right section?

I guess in the Ground Station software section

So I will evetually post again there

Ciao Gianmario
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il sw su un netbook non mi gira,
nè la versione win su wine, nè la versione app su ubuntu.
pretendo troppo vero?

My next post in english, may be is considered more polite.


On Linux Mint 64 and Oracle Virtual Box Mission Planner works but I really do not suggest that solution , I only use it to analyse logs.

You’ll need a windows notebook better with a SSD hard disk

Mission planner works more or less with mono under Linux. VM is not needed.