Telemetry? Need 1km range at lowish cost

Need a budgetish option to get a plane FC connected to my ground station (which for convenience, might be my phone most of time, also mayby a laptop some of time)

1km range is what I would need, unlikely to end up needing any more than a max of 5km (this is not a long-range plane, but it would eat through 300m pretty quickly, from my current choice of the mRo SiK Telemetry Radio V2)

Not sure if you need a telemetry radio at all. Will you be flying beyond the rc link/vtx range?

Nope, but I want ground station connection capability

Someone said I should use that SiK telemetry for ground station and Yaapu Lua for my “simple” flight sessions when I just want to fly around.

(apparently the SiK radios have bit more range then advertised)

That means that more-or-less this discussion is useless unless a better option than SiK telem radios appears by tommorow morning/later in morning when I’ll be buying what I decided to buy (Inc SiK telem radios, FC, etc)

GMT + 2

Well there is, but they are expensive.

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For the price it’s hard to beat the SiK radios. The mRo units have been solid for me. Avoid the clones, those seem to cause a ton of grief.

If you want better you need to look at things like RFD900 radios, but those come with a healthy price tag and will eat your budget pretty quick.

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look at mLRS you can use a pair of frsky r9 modules to get a 1w bidirectional telemetry and RC link.

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I completely agree about mRo SIK hardware. It’s been excellent for me as well. I don’t fly BLOS, but I’d trust it to range test for such an application.

mLRS is promising, also, but I have no experience using it.


Understood and thanks

Sorry but I don’t speak chinese

Crossfire rx nano diversity and the full tx with Bluetooth will do this. The crossfire Tx will pass through the mavlink data to the PC over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

A better solution is dragon link, but that’s pricey.

The cheapest would be expresslrs with yappu Lua script running on you OpenTx radio. But no PC ground station.

I’m exiting the thread
Already brought some telem radios so I can’t go get more unless I have a good reason to