Telemetry heating up and signal loss while downloading log

My telemetry is getting heated up, whenever I try to download log, and also the signal strength keeps dicreasing until it gets disconnected. I am getting the error “Error in log timeout on read-Getlog”.

Which radio is over heating? Have you tried replacing it? If it is the ground radio, have you tried a different USB port and/or computer?

HINT: Knowledge is power. We need MUCH more information.

Use USB for log download.
Read this:

The one connected to the drone is heating up. Unfortunately I dont have the option of replacing it due to limited hardware. Now, the telemetry is only not getting connected.

My USB port in the pixhawk is broken, so I cannot the pixhawk with USB.

Get one of these: Pixhawk External USB, and one of these: Pixhawk i2C Expander.

Disconnect the i2C for the external compass. Plug the cable for the expander into the i2C port on the Pixhawk. Connect the expander to the cable. Plug the Compass i2C cable and the i2C cable from the external USB into the i2c expander. Plug the USB cable from the external USB in to the port marked USB on top of the Pixhawk.

Now you have and external USB, external Main LED, and you can add i2c devices like an OLED Display…

I am using a Pixhawk cube with HERE+ GPS. There is no seperate I2C and GPS cable, like the one we have in Pixhawk 1.

You should have said that to start with. If you don’t give us the whole story, and that includes your ENTIRE hardware list, then there is nothing we can do for you…

If you are using the carrier board connect to its external USB connector. Or if you want to use telemetry to download logs an ESP8266 radio will get the job done. It’s slow but unlike typical 915/433 radios it will work.

Tell me what more information you need.

We need a complete hardware list, frame, motors, props, ESCs, accessories like gimbal, external BECs, retract able landing gear, camera, and so on.
We need a complete flight history including all crashes and any odd or unexpected behaviors.
We need a complete list of all hardware modifications and crash damage repairs.
We need to know which version of ArduCopter you are using.