Telemetry for Navio2 et ST16 Yunnec Arducopter

hello to all, thank you for doing open source developments if you don’t exist I couldn’t get so far in my new project with Arducopter and Navio2, I’m almost done but I miss the telemetry part of mavlink to controller yuneec ST16 (VOLTS,GPS,SAT,POS,ALT,G-SPD,DIS), I’m not really a good programmer and it troubles me a lot, I don’t know if your team could help me finish my project, I know that there is a way to receive ST24 by UART communication and I used an ESP8266MOD converter to PPM from the SR24 receiver to Navio2 for the 12 channels, how could we do for the telemetry… thank you for your help much appreciated