Telemetry 2 pins showing excess voltage

Hi, my telem2 port is showing voltage values more than normal:
vcc normal: 5V Mine: 6.5V
tx, rx, cts, rts - normal: 3.3V Mine: 4.2

As I want to connect RPLIDAR A2 with this port (telem 1 not working) and in their datasheet they have said the max voltage of vcc should be 5.5V and others below 3.5V. hence I am worried if I should connect or check pixhawk board searching for component failures!!!

Any help would be appreciated. thks.

Power the RPLidar A2 from a separate power source/BEC, not from the flight controller.

Also, the maximum permissible voltage for the Tx and Rx pin of Lidar is 3.5v, while the output voltage from the telemetry port in the respective pin is 4.2v. Would it be safe to connect the lidar to it?
In the pin config chart the voltage of tx, rx pins is shown as 3.3V, is there a prob with my pixhawk board?


Please reply…can’t proceed right now.
Shall I use a separate arduino in between to set up the communication between lidar and pixhawk?