Tbs discovery crushed

Hi guys,

Yesterday I was flying in acro mode. After succesful pitch axis flip I lost my control on my quadcopter and it crushed out. It was my lucky day because i found it. It was landed on its arms and only front right arm was broken from near motor mount. Interestingly all of propellers were broken. they were 8045 triblade plastic. I am suspecting one or more propellers explode while flying or front right arm suddenly has broken.

I’ve been trying to figure out what happened . I would appreciate if someone could look at the log files and give me an idea what was wrong.

My gear:
tbs discovery frame
sunnysky x2216 1250kv motor
gemfan 8045 triblade propeller
matek f405 std flight controller
4s 4200 mah lipo
littlebee 30 a blheli_s esc
ublox gps module
log file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ePOyrN6qEv6eEZ8jzYpXNgoLgZOtts6g
param file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EuiDYT-TR7MInL-dJOj6eQsAGb2fIKRs

thanks for advance

sakir polay

Yes, your analysis looks to be correct.
Motor 1 lost thrust and there was a sudden dramatic increase in vibration.

As you can see here, motor1 lost a lot but not all thrust, looking like one of the blades let go.

You can see here some vibration from your flip then shortly after something let go.

But curiously this shows a flip in roll not pitch.

Looks like a mechanical failure.

dear mike
I want you thank you for your analysis
your comments was very helpfull for me

best regards from karabuk turkey
sakir polay

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