TBE in loiter mode

I recently flash Arducopter 3.6.5 to my Open Pilot Revo board running ChibiOS. The Revo is installed in a 250 size quad. The quad behaves quite normal and steady in STABILIZE mode, but experience obvious TBE when switched to LOITER mode.
Pls see this link for the quad photo :- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mpdAmyfDwooeez2TvZGp2nWvVWsNFaqU/view?usp=sharing

The param is also attached for trouble shoot.Quad 250.param (13.8 KB)

Thank you for any help.

I am sorry Frankie, but what is “TBE”?

Also, I think you are more likely to get some useful advice if you include the log file (in .bin format) with your posting.

TBE = Toilet Bowl Effect

It looks like I need to learn the lingo … :wink:

Here is some information about the “TBE”, but it may not help you as I don’t think the Open Pilot Revo board has an SD card to collect the log file?

You are right, the Open Pilot Revo has no SD card. So I can only include the DF log file.