Tarot t-2d Gimbal on omnibus F4pro

I just making a rebuild from outdated APM to omnibus F4 pro and I stuck with camera tilt on servo5.
Everything is correctly wired and mapped I can see correct output on servo from my radio but camera dosn’t move. I check servo6 output same problem. Wired directly to receiver works correctly. I try different grounding wiring but no change. Randomly, mostly on connecting disconnecting wires from tarot pcb camera moves in to right direction. Tarot board blinking blue as it should be when pwm signal is present, disconnecting make blue led solid. Also Tarot gimbal config tool doesn’t show any RC signal in monitor.
I don’t have an oscilloscope to check PWM signal condition. Maybe some one has similar problem or I missing something in configuration.

Ok. After some research I found that problem is with MOT_PWM_TYPE setting. I want to benefit from BLheli and it was changed. After set to 0 - normal operation servo output for gimbal start to work correctly.

I want to blheli still be available for motor output and I set SERVO_BLH_MASK and SERVO_BLH_OTYPE but it is not clear that this setting rely override MOT_PWM_TYPE=0 and allow dshot for motors selected with mask. Could someone confirm that is correct solution? Maybe there should be an option for setting every motor output.