Tarot 650 SubSys: 12 Error Code 1 Crash Check

We have been flying a Tarot 650, recently out drone fell out of the sky (assumed) due to a bad LiPo battery which cut-off mid-flight (cut-off at much higher V than expected).

I have now restored the hardware and am trying to do all kinds of sensor sanity tests.
One of the tests, I put the drone in an open field without propellers and run the motors. After some time, the drone throws the ‘Crash Detected’ error and disarms itself. Likely when I try to maneuver the Yaw joystick.

To debug, I have re-calibrated the Accelerometer and Compass, but having the same issue.
Looking at the logs it seems like changes in ATT- Roll, Pitch, Yaw are causing the error. Remember the drone still on the ground with me controlling the non-propeller motors.

I can confirm the arms and body of the drone a structurally stable.

Any help on how to debug will be appreciated?
Will it be safe to put the props on and fly a few meters above ground for further testing?

Here is a log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Di4f5vaAVu6C4x-SrOtgpHdwBxtrAnbQ/view?usp=sharing


lf the motor order & the Prop direction are correct, put on the props and takeoff.
It is normal to have a crash check in bench testing without props.

That kind of testing is totally useless.

You are getting “Crash Detected,” errors because Pixhawk sees the motors are armed and running above idle but there is no vertical velocity or other flight dynamics deltas.

Put some props on it.

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