Taranis vs. Horus vs. Jumper - Which one to select and why?

There is also one other significant difference, and that is with Lua scripting. Scripts written for the Taranis are not compatible with the Horus, as the Horus uses “widgets” for its TN display. While Lua scripting for the Taranis is very well documented, it is not for the Horus.

If you use a “packaged” script like yaapu, then no problem. If you write your own like I do it is more difficult on the Horus. I have a custom script for helicopters that has dual-needle tachometer for rotor/engine rpm, gauges for engine temp, generator, SOG and KIAS etc… Various people have tried (unsuccessfully) to port it to the Horus.

ChrisOlson This is a very good point!. Custom scripting brings a lot more flexibility to the table.

By the way, how good are you with Lua scripting? I may have a small gig for you. let me know and we can talk off line.

I can program with Lua just fine. It’s not all that different from C++ but some things are different like functions() have to be declared ahead of a call, variables are declared on-the-fly, and so on. But unfortunately I don’t have time to do custom programming for other people.

ChrisOlson No problem. Thanks…

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SmartDave convinced me and I have ordered the Horus X10S. I am hoping that I will like it. As I am a hardcore Futaba guy and I have only 3 Taranis X9D compatible Rx so far, may not be be bad idea to switch to Access. If I really like it, then I will sell my X9D

Now the questions coming to mind are;

  1. R9D would not work with X10S…What is my alternative for long range?

  2. X10S receiver choices are little confusing so far to me;

a) Archer
b) Rx Series

Still trying to understand the differences. Not sure if these Rx has an S Port and what’s the advantage of FPort?

Will my Yaapu cable will still work?

So many questions…

You can Brose it FrSky FPort support - testers wanted

This is for information purposes

Also fport = only 1 wire to need rc in also telemetry data and are you using fport protocol you i will be don’t need yaapu cable :sunglasses: and there is lots of advantages showing on video.

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. Frsky’s R9 system is their long range option. You will need a Tx module and there are several Rx’s in the family. Range is decent depending on the use case. I have 4 or 5 different Rx’s (MM’s, mini’s, mini +, standard R9) and they perform OK.
  2. Any of the 2.4Ghz Rx’s will work with the X10S’s internal radio.

a)Archer is the ACCESS version of the XM+ w/ telemetry. Low cost, lower range. Haven’t tried them, likely popular with the mini-quad/racing crowd.
b) Do you mean R9 series? If so comments above.

Fport is single wire RC and telemetry with less latency. This may be quite helpful when bi-directional Frsky telemetry is available.

Regarding ACCESS, if you are starting with Frsky its the way to go. I have older Frsky hardware that is not compatible so I’m out of luck unless I want to replace a slew of Rx’s on models, buy a new Tx and buy a new R9 module.

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Thanks… Is it safe to assume the R9 series long range plug in module will work with X10S? $24.00 dollars on AliExpress to me is a no brainer not to buy it

@Moksh ok I got it what it means one wire. Both sPort and FPort over same wire…both protocols are mixed so don’t need to run two wires from RX to FC.

Furthermore, so all my current FrSky Rx such as X8R will work with X10S. Thats good. This means I only need to sell my X9D plus and keep the rest of the hardware including Individual LiPo cell voltage monitors (the main reason i started using FrSky because Futaba can only do total voltage monitoring via its Rx, no individual cell monitoring supported). I have not seen one out there.

Yes, The R9M is a JR module form factor. Make sure you are buying the 2019 version or you won’t have ACCESS. There is a External Power input difference also. After posting that I had no problem using a 3S Lipo for external power I had to eat some crow when that module failed…

Both Telemetry and RC Control over one port. Otherwise it’s Sbus and Sport (telemetry)on 2 separate ports. One many boards this takes 2 UARTS.

Dave what do you mean by external power? Wouldn’t X10S power the 2019 R9M? Kind of lost you there…

P.s. One Uart saving is huge. Mr. Yaapu is a plain Genius. I love how his brain functions. Smart cookie for sure…

The R9 module pulls more power than the radio can safely provide. There is a xt30 connector on the back of the module

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Oh I see. Ok so a small 3S battery needed. Got it…

Right. I’m using a 1300mah 2S on my older module otherwise the X9D battery goes flat very quickly if it’s switching to 1W (FCC adaptive power mode).

Funny but one annoying feature of the old X9D’s was the noise from the speaker from a module in the bay. But now I consider it a feature as it tells me when it switches power :grinning:

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Can we also monitor the battery inside the tx that would power R9M?

No. Well, maybe the Horus is different not sure. But the module will use the source with the highest voltage so when you see the radio battery voltage start to drop then the Lipo is at the same voltage as the internal battery.

Ok can we force the R9M to only use external battery? Then maybe we can redesign the R9M housing and fit in 2S battery inside it. Just thinking out loud. Much cleaner solution…

No. It auto switches.

Hmm something Open Tx should look into it…if its doable from hardware perspective…

If I use R9 Slim Rx using X10S radio, will my Yaapu would still work?

I guess i need the larger R9 rx right?

I am looking at the specs sheet snd I see no SPort in R9 slim, So where do I plug in my voltage sensor?

I think i am gonna make compatibility/feature spreadsheet…so confusing for a new FrSky lover/hater :slight_smile:

p.s. To rephrase the question, “ Which FrySky Long range Rx that works with 2019 R9M has SPort and Fport and also works with ACCESS?”

R9 Slim has Sport. I think all the R9 series Rx’s do. But anyway most of those are discontinued, you want any of the -OTA Rx’s.