Taranis config for quad-x copter

I want to setup a quad-x copter with ArduCopter on Mission Planner.
I have a PixHawk 2.4.8 with X8R receiver and a Taranis x9d Plus 2019 as a transmitter.

My question is how to setup my transmitter, I understand that there are a lot of function to setup on the switches.

Is there a ready model with control assignments for quad-x copter that I can download
or some good manual ?

Thank you!

Hello, the setup it’s simple… with a single switch you can set 3 flight modes… and with the options for channel 7-8-9 in MP you can set rtl… emergency stop… etc.
If you need more flight modes you need mix two switches adjusting some values.
If you need more info you are free contact me

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For example, today I realize that I need to setup on my taranis a failsafe…
Is it some documentation about all needed setup for quad copter ?