Talon Servo Failure

Hello everyone. I’m using X-UAV’s Talon Model. I’m using ES09MD for VTail servos. For servos, I’m using UBEC. But UBEC’s voltage range is 5-6V. When we start the system, ES09MD starts to lock up, and after then does not work. Is it a common error or not? What should we do?

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Is it just the one servo that is affected? If so then it might just be a bad servo.

The ES09MD seems to draw quite a lot of current at times. I have one BEC that works fine with the ES08A but suffers brownout when used with the ES09MD, which in turn causes the receiver to reset. Two other BECs work fine.

Try using a BEC rated for more current, or try putting an electrolytic capacitor across the ground/power rails where the servo is connected.

Not just one servo. We bought ten servos. Five of them are broken.

Maybe bought at Aliexpress? There are many fakes and I would not be surprised if there are problems with it. Original ES09MD I use myself some, so far without problems.

What does the linkage look like on your Talon, do you have a picture of it?

And, is this an X-UAV Talon or an X-UAV Mini Talon?

I bought them at a local store. I use servo stretching wire and I use solder for connection. I cut half of servo’s own wire and I connect strecthin wire to servo’s wire (motor side) with solder. Again I connected with solder to connector side. I have no picture about it. The UAV model is XUAV Talon not mini or not pro

Too bad … The type of linkage is important so that the servo can work backlash-free and easily. If 5 of your servos go defective, it may also be due to it.