Talon Pro tuning settings (share with me please)

Can anyone share with me the tuning settings for Roll and Pitch of a Talon Pro, I need it as an initial tuning. Over here is very windy now, and the maiden flight went terribly wrong, but the plane is fine.

What would you recommend as an initial PID for that plane?

Thank you all.

Stock PIDs should get you in the air. What went wrong? There might be something else going on.

It was a windy day, and maybe it was a bit tail heavy, although I balanced it with the recommended CG. Another thing I may have forgotten to calibrate was the horizon level. The plane was really hard to control in stabilized modes and another error I did was not to set manual mode as one of the flight modes, so I almost lost it.

Yeah, always better to go more towards the nose for a maiden flight.

Best to sort all that out first then give it another shot.

Also I think the Matek F405 wing FC died after the crash, I think the Gyro is not working anymore, I’ll have to buy a new one, I’ve had worst crashes using other flight controllers and nothing like that has happened to me before. Thanks for your advice.

That’s too bad. I’ve torture tested my F405 Wing, and it’s still going. It’s on airframe number 2, and there’s been no shortage of abuse. In fact, after the demise of airframe number 1 (I zigged when I should have zagged and a planet got in the way at a great rate of speed) I wasn’t sure I should trust it again but it’s been fine in my AR wing.

@Joyplanes Did your Talon fly well ?
I’m new in planes. Had another plane as “trainer” - no issues. But after approx 20+ attempts to fly Talon as fpv model - it’s completely destroyed. Situation is always same - it always leans to the left and than fall as the result. Pushing it to the right only give it additional 2-3 seconds in air. Don’t think I will return to planes again, but I’m still curious what could happen here. Surface elements move well, engine trust is more than enough for this weight

Yes it flew well for some time, but I still need to calibrate it for best performance. Did you calibrate your FC? are the ailerons looking good and straight? cheers

''ailerons looking good and straight?" - yes they look perfectly ok. FC is calibrated. I tried manual, acro and autolaunch. To start it. All attempts looks like this (in current video it’s autolaunch): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Mf-ap7Npv6bDeAsFvsbZEs_PBsTJh5Ov/view?usp=sharing

I’m really not sure what that could be.