Takeoff mode parameters

Hi all,

I’m here to ask for some clarification about the two parameters THOFF_THR_SLEW and THR_SLEWRATE for Takeoff mode.

I was continuing to change the first , from 0 to 30 for example, without noting any difference in the behaviour of the motor, that start to run immediately reaching the TKOFF_THR_MAX value.
Then i came through the second parameter, that showed to be appropriate for the purpose to accelerate the motor progressiveley, as I wanted.

But now it’s not clear to me which parameter is worth to be changed

  1. only one…which one ? ( it clearly seems the second…but TKOFF_THR_SLEW appears immediately in Full Param List when setting the parameters for that flight mode )
  2. both…how are they inter-related ?

Thanks for any useful advice