Takeoff mode issues after autotune

I have a Reptile Dragon 2 with plane 4.5.4 installed on a matek F765-wing FC. I have flown the plane and autotuned it, it has two GPS’s and speed sensor, (air speed was off last flight) and a rangefinder. The CG is stock, maybe very slightly forwards.

I can hand lunch the plane in manual or acro mode just fine, ‘full throws available’ however if I try and use takeoff mode the plane doesn’t climb out correctly and ditches, same problem in FBWA it doesn’t seem to have enough elevator throw in these modes.

I’ve run into this issue with other planes as well. I think what’s happening is the autotune has reduced the overall throws, (the plane is autotuned at 50% throttle for cruising at about 75km/h ) and now FBWA and takeoff modes is messed up at takeoff :frowning:

I did notice that after the last flight the elevator is raised up a bit, (i do have servo auto trim set ) so maybe the CG should be moved back?

So how do i fix this?

Start with posting logs from a successful takeoff and failed auto takeoff.

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I don’t have a log handy, but plan on flying this weekend.

btw, I have setup my plane with a ~5 deg pitch up from Horizontal, could this be undermining?