Takeoff Flight Mode

Can someone please explain how to use the newer dedicated Takeoff flight mode?

Do you actually need to create a mission as with mission-based auto takeoff modes that have existed for some time?

I set TKOFF parameters from what little information existed on the wiki, YouTube, etc. I arm the plane/motor and enter Takeoff mode but nothing happens when I bump the nose of the plane forward with various minaccel settings. The motor won’t spin up.

Someone, please explain how this is supposed to work.

I have years of experience with ArduCopter but haven’t done much with Plane.

did you check the wiki? imho it‘s fairly informative:

as usual, the defaults are pretty well thought and, depending on your airframe and preferences, it might just take a few adjustments to take off.

if your motor doesn‘t start as expected with accel triggering in use, check your logs for error messages. check if your set accel limits are actually reached when shaking the airframe. check your arming process. it’s strongly recommended to have your plane arm on defaults (all arming checks active).

maybe check on takeoff defaults first (no accel triggers). if your motor doesn‘t start as expected when switching to takeoff mode in armed state, there‘s likely more fundamental adjustments required.

please add a log, it makes diagnosing so mich easier.

cheers, basti.

I’ll check the logs.

The motor is supposed to turn on before hand launching, right?

that depends on your settings, and that’s why a log is really valuable.
if you’ve set
away from defaults, the motor will not start until the set limits are reached.
on defaults, the motor will start once your plane is armed and in takeoff mode (caution prop!).

I’m using the following settings:

image image

these are the speed and accel thresholds that allow suppressing throttle until exceeded. did you set non-default (zero) values there?

cheers basti.

I am having an issue with TAKEOFF flight mode where the plane does not climb after the motor is triggered. I throw the plane, the motor fires as it should, but if I dont manually apply up elevator it will sink to the ground within 20 feet as if its not even trying to climb. I have the params set to climb at 20 degrees to an altitude of 60m within 120m of flight. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Is there a param that I am missing? I have read the documentation over and over again and cant seem to find the problem…

adding a log would likely help to identify your issue.

Lol i went out today to get a log of the issue and came home and found my flash was full before the flight (although the issue persists) I will go out tomorrow to generate the logs but In the meantime I was wondering if having the Stick Inputs setting for auto modes set to the FBWA option be affecting the way the takeoff mode works? I could turn off stick inputs in auto modes all together but it seems a bit risky considering the default is FBWA stick input type in AUTO modes…