Tailsitter/Bicopter SITL Issues

I am (unsuccessfully) trying to use SITL to with a plane-tailsitter frame. The ultimate goal is to fly a bicopter (like the V22) but want to simulate first. Per the documentation, I am trying to use a tailsitter frame and set the q_tilt_type = 3.

As soon as I load SITL, the vehicle appears to be spinning, AHRS is bad, EKF is bad, and I cannot arm the system. I have not found any remedies as of yet – any suggestions?

One though was to try using quadplane then going back into params and setting q_frame_class = 10 - but this hasn’t seemed to work as I hoped. Will I need to make a custom frame with two motors?


most likely the physics model only works for single and dual motor normal tailsitters…not a bicopter…in SITL the frame type option loads the physics model and a default param set…unless there is a bicopter-tailsitter frame option created (there isnt) it wont work…

An issue for me is that I cannot get SITL to work using any tailsitter type - regardless bicopter or not.