Tailsitter 3D hoover single engine plane code


I’m making a scool project and i have to build Tailsitter 3D hoover single engine plane. Exactly like in video what i share.
THe plane what i have to build is in video at 06.00.(Blue tailsitter RC). I have some plane allready build and hardware but i dont have arduplane autopilot software. I tried to integrate helicopter and plane but i didn’t get one big code what’s fits my tailsitter.

Can anyone help me or give me some material where i can learn programming my plane?
I could use really help!

THank you all very much!
You are best!

What you are after is in the Arduplane firmware.

Have a read through the manual for Arduplane here

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Okei, thank you! :slight_smile:
So if i copy code to my Pixhawk 2, then it supposed to work , like pug and play. Or is there some special requirements to a plane, how long tail must be, how wide or something?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, i’m totally beginner :slight_smile: