Tail Setup - A-Tail Rudder w/ Dedicated Elevator

Thoughts on setting up a plane that has a traditional elevator with “A-Tail” type rudders?


Thanks in advance for the help.

If you have seperate surfaces for elevator and rudder, just use rudder as rudder and elevator as elevator, no matter at what angle the rudder is.

Ok. So then just add a rudder to elevator mix? With the rudder at an angle there will always be an up/down elevator effect

There are two rudders. One will create a little up elevator effect, while at the same time, the other one will create a little down elevator effect, for any given rudder deflection. The forces are cancelling each other out. That is why an a-tail or v-tail is working at all.

Maybe it’s just this airframe? When flying as a fixed wing manually I had to add .5% down elevator on left rudder and 1.5% up elevator on right rudder to get it to yaw without a nose departure.

Thanks for the feedback! It’s close enough I’ll let the autopilot handle managing the tiny effect I see without mixing.

I guess the airframe has two servos for the rudders, so it could be a slight difference in servo travel. I think the autopilot will be able to handle those small corrections.

The throws are identical, but we didn’t build this one and it almost looks like the hinge on right rudder is out a tiny bit further than the left.

Thanks again - I’ll post after some flight testing with FC active.