T265 VISO jump detected

Hi all,

I’am working with an T265 postion Forward, and sometime I got VISO jump detected and position jumped by : xxxxxx after that I got every time Tracking confidence: FAILED, I’ve searched but found nothing useful, do you know what is the problem ? Vibration? It’s seem I don’t have lot of vibration for me…


This sounds like the camera is struggling for some reason. The Tracking confidence: Failed means that it has started reporting NaNs and it normally can’t recover from this.

My guess is that the environment isn’t providing enough features for the camera to estimate its position or it is suffering from high vibration. Using the 3D printed camera mount linked from the wiki will probably help if the camera is currently hard mounted.

Hi @rmackay9 you’ve right I got NaNs value in mavlink inspector just after I got Failed confidence.

I’m already mount with 3D print support just over a motor maybe this is the problem. I’ll try to bring the camera just next to my cube.


And just to be sure, the camera is separated from the edges of the mount using vibration isolating foam? I personally use 3M foam sold by mRobotics but there are probably other options as well. The vibration isolation foam is important.


No for the moment my 3d support is mount above the motor just separated by 5mm PCB. So I’ll try to use 3M foam is a good idea :wink: