T-motor antigravity MN4004 non working well

Hi guys!
I’m setting a quadcopter and I’m trying the t-motor Antigravity 4004 300 KV and with a 17x5.8 T-Motor propeller. However, when I tested them, they could not synchronize with the commands that I gave them (increase and decrease of throttle percentage), which caused my quadcopter to be highly instable, to the point that it couldn’t even lift from the ground. I have tried and tested the motors with different ESCs but none of them gave me the result that I was looking for. We tried with the T-Motor esc 40A 400hz, the kiss esc 30A with low kv fw, dys esc40A with blheli (last fw) and the afro esc 30A with simonk and blheli fw.
The kiss esc gave me the best result, since it worked well up until I raised the throttle to 70%, when it loses its synchronization and it starts emitting weird noises. The T-Motor esc gave us similar results, but it worked with less efficiency when the throttle was at low percentages. The Dys and the Afro esc gave us a terrible result, as they did not work well at low percentages of throttle and they both stopped working after the throttle raised up to 60%-70%.
Any thoughts on why I am having this problem? Am I using the wrong ESCs or am I just setting them up wrongly?
Thank you in advance for your help, if I was in anyway unclear let me know!

Lower KV motors are notorious for losing sync with MANY esc combos. I went through three different combos (CC Multi, DYS 30A BlHeli and a SimonK set) until I found that the Hobbywing XRotors (40A) worked great with my Tarot 320KV motors. Those ESCs use a proprietary firmware and since I switched to them I have had zero problems. I can punch 100 percent throttle and she runs just as smooth as if she were idling on arm.

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I can confirm, the Hobbywing XRotor 40A are working very well with the low KV Antigravity series motors.


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And with these motors as well (18 inches propeller ) Turnigy Multistar Elite 5010 274KV Xrotor 40A is a superb ESC. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much guys! I’ll try those escs as soon as possible! Hopefully they work out as well as they did with you!