Switching to auto mode with no mission ever loaded on drone causes loss of control

Hello, I’d like to bring forth an issue. It seems that if a pixhawk 2 running ardupilot 3.6.8 doesn’t have a mission on it and you switch it to auto mode the whole drone loses complete control and crashes. and the only way the drone stopped was to wait for the crash to check in as I didn’t have a manual flight mode, only loiter, rtl, and auto.
Here is a log. We replicated the issue and recorded it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s3V4KO6kkoT896373cRDgs42cpXsrLVg
2019-05-25 15-40-40.bin (676.1 KB)

MIS_TOTAL is set to 43, - so you should have 43 mission items, which it was parsing thru for about one second, all invalid, CId = 0

how did you end up with that config, were the parameters restored from some backup ?
This is no excuse for the throttle to go to 0/twice - but this is an really odd situation…

I grabbed the params from an identical drone and wrote it to this one and recalibrated everything. I wanted to test auto mode to see if everything was working fine but it just fell from 5 ft then i realized there was no mission. So i loaded one on and fixed a bent arm and tried again and it worked fine. Its just weird that if no mission is on the drone and it gets put in auto mode the drone seems to like faint and the only thing that stopps the propellers is the crash check.

The issue isn’t not having a mission: it’s that there’s no mission AND mis_total is set non zero (I’m not sure why it’s even an exposed parameter, but I guess there was a reason)
That should never happen, but it should also be protected against.

I had something similar whith my hexa. I was flying loiter and I wanted to change to land. I missed up the switches and changed to auto (I never planned a mission before). The hexa climbed up to sky like a rocket. I changed to stab and I could bring it down without any other problem.

That was quite time ago, so I don’t know if I keep the log to investigate it.

I’m interesting this topic.
I will plan my new FS and I think What happens if a copter without a mission changes to auto mode?
This may be of interest to any user who uses both manual and automatic.

I know value “Enabled Continue with Mission in Auto Mode” in parameter FS_THR_ENABLE.
However, I do not yet have a basis for full confidence in this parameter.

Tell us about your experiment or analysis.