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Switching from Stabilized to Loiter

(rotems) #1


I have a small “jumping” issue when switching from stabilized to loiter,the Heli is descending a little and when changing back to stabilized it’s gaining height a bit, I think it’s related to throttle stick center, what is the right way to tune it?

Thank you for your help

(Mallikarjun SE) #2

Hello @rotems,
Enable MOT_HOVER_LEARN and fly in stabilise mode of some time. Arducopter code will to set mid throttle automatically. This should resolve your issue.

(rotems) #3


Thank you for your fast replay.
Can you please describe of how it should be done?
Do I need to enable MOT_HOVER_LEARN for one flight or leave it enabled? need to save parameters?

Thank you

(Mallikarjun SE) #4

Hello @rotems,
You can leave it auto learn and save. Fly in stabilise mode for 1 to 2 minutes (until it hovers at 50% stick) and you should be good.
No params to save.

(David) #5

“Heli” means four motors or single motor configuration ?

(rotems) #6

Single rotor

OK, I will try that.
Thank you

(David) #7

a picture can save a bunch of emails. I assume this is like a Align Trex like helicopter then posting your question in the “Traditional Helicopter” forum can help

(David) #8

what do you get if you try it?Not sure about the suggestion of “auto learn and save” will do for you? “Fly in stabilizes mode for 1 to 2 minutes” with your current configuration will do what?

(Mallikarjun SE) #9

Hey @rotems,
Do please post picture. I thought it was multi-rotor.