Switching Com Ports.... Arg! Solved... some how

I have an old Pixhawk. After plugging in the Pixhawk, the available com port changes from Ardulpilot to USB Serial Device. If I try to connect with that com port, Mission Planner hangs.

Any suggestions?



When you say old which one V1, V2 v3?

I’m a real beginner so I’m not real sure. I bought it from the 3DR guys back in Feb of 2014. The SKU for the kit is PX4-KIT-001. Inside on the board says PX4FMU 2.4.

Maybe the real cause of my problem was doing a bootloader upgrade, so I may have dug my own hole.

I’ve been trying to get a T265/RPi4 to work with my Pixhawk. I was able to connect through the USB a few days ago with an STMicroElectronics driven com port.

But now, no luck.

OK , so I just finished reinstalling W10. After starting mission planner, I plug in the usb cable. At first, a serial device (COM3) is indicated. Then a second later it switches to a Legacy FMU (COM4) and PRESTO… it works. Not sure why, because in the past Legacy has not.

So now on to the next problem



Some of these problems are due to USB drivers malfunctioning in windows 10. That could have been the main culprit.

Glad to hear you are good to go now.