Switching between Li-Ion and Lipo batteries

Hi, Sorry if this is obvious, but is there a way to save different battery profiles? My copter is currently set up for Li-Ion batteries 2 x 30000 6S. It has a low battery setting of 39.5, and reserved MAH 12000 for RTL. Battery capacity is set to 60000. I need to now use some 25000 6S Lipos. So would want to se a low battery around 43.5 and Capacity of 50000. Is there a way to save both configurations and switch between them or even better yet have the copter sense which batteries are plugged into it?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Not that elegant but you could save 2 parameters files containing only the parameters you want to change between the different batteries. Like the attached for the Lipo battery for example. It will only load the parameters in the file retaining all others.
Lipo.param (63 Bytes)

Something like this could potentially be scripted via Lua, though you’d still likely need to trigger it via a switch, button, or other user defined action. I don’t think there’s a way to reliably autodetect the battery type at boot time.

Battery capacity is detected with Smart Battery but that’s it relative to the question. And you would have to build the capability into the pack yourself.
Like one of these