Survey for new tiny optical flow manufacturing

when will this be available? i think this will be a good platform for open source indoor micro drone. i will be waiting for this.

How many do you need ? what kind of version? we have some prototypes (tested-work as normal). we can send you if you need it early.(We are producing the final product but maybe there will be a delay as the OEM can not supply enough the sensors we need).

i would love to get my hands on the 3m version early. Just wondering if getting lidar data through I2C would be a better idea instead of serial since serial ports are very limited.

lidar data is also published in the px4 flow packet on I2C.but you need to modify the ardupilot code ( currently the ardupilot code does not read the lidar data in px4 flow packet)

sounds good. do let me know if i can buy the prototype version for testing. thanks.

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Hi Bruce,
Iā€™d be interested in testing the 12m version. Im in USA, using the intel-aero-quad on px4 stack.
Let me know how I can help.

Hi,Bruce.I am very interested in your products. Can you get your contact information? My email address is

Does anyone have a link to this product yet? Thanks

Any more info on this? Iā€™m definitely interested.

I am intressted to! Has this project made it finally to become a commercial product we can buy and use?

(Are the design files, schematic+PCB freely available/open?)