Surveillance Plane mix of Raven RQ11 & sky surfer

Hello Everyone

Before I start the talk about project just a little background. We have successfully with the help of devs made a quadcopter which has a payload dropping capability of 15kgs with endurance of about 30mins for search and rescue missions.

Now we are wanting make a plane that could do a surveillance mission and give us rough location where our quadcopter can fly to and drop the search and rescue material.

I am thinking of making something similar to Raven Rq11 and a mix of sky surfer.

Thinking of

Pusher style plane
High winger
Mix of Foam and CF and balsa
Weight -5-6kgs (MTOW)
About 1.5 to 2 m wing span
And about 1 to1.5m fuse length
T motors and props of about 10-13inch
LION Battery.
Cube orange

Looking for some inputs from you all regarding selection of type and size of motor for the same. Yes there are lots of calculators available on the internet but wanting to get inputs from you all too.

Would be eager to get some inputs from you all.

Will keep sharing my progress here


This is the quadcopter we had made