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Support for Travel to Ardupilot Unconference [Declined]

Topic: Support for Travel to Ardupilot Unconference

Proposal type: Hardware [ ] , Software [ ] , Other [x ] : Travel Expenses


My teammates @TianChang_Yonah @disgruntled-patzer and I, from Yonah, will like to attend the conference. As active Ardupilot users and believers in the open-source movement, we have always sought ways to contribute back to the community with initiatives such as our recent forum release (Yonah's Nemo QuadPlane - Finally autonomous!). By attending the conference, we hope to share our learning experiences from our past 3 years of technical development, and benefit from the expertise of the developers. This will contribute to Yonah’s aim of delivering peace and comfort to rural areas through the utilization of autonomous drone technology.

We plan on arriving in Canberra on Wednesday morning and departing on the following Monday. We request partial funding for the airfare and accommodations. The quoted value includes two-way airfare (SIN->SYD, Economy) for two persons, as well as accommodation at Manuka Serviced Apartment for three persons. (One of the teammates will be in Australia during this period so his airfare is excluded)

Many thanks in advance!


Appendix: Cost breakdown

Total est expenditure = S$1908 = A$2051.66 = USD$1371.77

Flight tickets (round trip):


Total: S$1908 = A$2051.66 = USD$1371.77

Planned amount $$ (USD):1371.77

Estimated time for completion: March 2020


I am sorry I forget to send you an answer …

Thanks for your proposal. Unfortunately, the conference funding aren’t open for non developers. This year we exceptionally invite some important individual contributors. The funding proposal are reserved for project that directly deserved the project.

We will be glad to see you at the conference but we aren’t able to support for your accommodation.

Pierre for the funding commitee

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