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Support for Omni Boats coming in Rover-3.5


(rmackay9) #41


We don’t support propeller’s that heading can be rotated around (yet) I’m afraid. I’ve seen some expensive looking research boats that have this so it has crossed my mind to add support. it’s not terribly hard but it’s certainly a few days of effort for someone. Probably the first step is to raise and issue in the issues list so the request isn’t forgotten.

(rmackay9) #42


Have you tried the motors test in the MP? After that a log file is probably the best way for someone to look into this.

(Reza) #43

Hi @rmackay9,

I have just tried the motors test but receive the error: Command denied by autopilot. This is with the vehicle armed. I assume this is the problem I am having, how can I fix it?


(rmackay9) #44

Hi Reza,

Just disarm the boat and the motors test should work. If the vehicle is automatically always armed after startup then there’s a parameter, ARMING_REQUIRED that must be set to “1” to allow arming/disarming.

(Reza) #45

Even with the vehicle disarmed, I am running into this problem.

(Labomat) #46

Maybe it ist already there: I think this is about my issue:

(Reza) #47

@Erl77 do you think you could describe the steps you took in setting up your vehicle? I am trying to do the same thing, but have not managed to get it to work…

(ERL) #48

Hey mate

Im heading out of town for 2 days then will be back. I have seen your posts and have been thinking of what the issue could be.

Assuming you have it armed and your motor assignment correct eg motor 1 set to 34.

Then it might be a radio calibration issue, maybe!!!

I will write a step by step with some photo of what i did to get it going when I gat back.


(ERL) #49

Hello Reza

Sorry for the late reply, I have been away. I hope you have got your X frame boat going by now, but if not I will share what I found with the new revision of the firmware.

I managed to setup my omni boat again, (I use the flight control for different boat setup)

I flashed the latest firmware 3.5 rc1. I then :-

  1. set Frame Class to 2 , set the FRAME_TYPE to “2” for OmniX

  2. set the SERVO1_FUNCTION to motor1, SERVO2_FUNCTION to motor2, SERVO3_FUNCTION to motor3, SERVO4_FUNCTION to motor4.

Now what happens was that the flight controller didn’t detect that it was a omni boat automatically and map the servo functions to the motors.

This may be happening with you, because they are not mapped you don’t get any motor output.

I changed this by just randomly changing all the servo function to a different motor numbers, eg servo1 to motor3. This seemed to help kick off the mapping of the motors. Once mapped i changed them back to the correct order and they stayed mapped.

I hopes this helps.


(rmackay9) #50

We’ve started beta testing for Rover-3.5 now so I’m keen we get to the bottom of this. I think it’s very possible we have a bug because the developer didn’t actually have access to a 4 thruster boat when writing the code nor do we have a simulated model of this sort of boat.