Support for more than 8 RC command channels over MAVlink telemetry connection

Cannot get more than 8 RC channels thru MAVlink connection .
I use TBS crossfire . Due to limited functionality of nano RX ( or 8ch diversity rx)
channels it’s impossible to have SBUS , MAVlink telemetry( both Tx and Rx) and Smart audio all together at once .
To get around this I have always sent RC commands over the MAVlink serial port while getting back telemetry at the same time . It’s always worked great and it’s simple , just 3 wire’s and power and Ive got everything !
At least I had everything until I tried to push more than 8 RC channels over the MAVlink port . 12 channels go in but only 8 come out !
I’m using MAVlink 2 protocol , no success

Complain to TBS, they do not comply with the mavlink 2 standard.

I use crossfire “RC over Mavlink” with ardurover and I can use 12 channels without a problem.

I figured it out finally . Even though the TBS firmware in the TX/RX is just a few months old , the new 4.1 firmware

did the trick . I get CH1-12 for RC control over the telemetry Uart . That’s all it was .

Next issue : the arduplane Wiki talks about runcam support and there’s even a selection for it within SERIALx_PROTOCOL=26 .

However a little notice on the first page says implementation won’t happen until 4.1 .

We are at 4.0.9 now .

Can I use arduplane to turn Runcam split 3 camera record start/stop for DVR over the Uart ? All I want is start/stop , other camera settings don’t change often and I’ll change them manually when I need to .

I’ve set it up on bench but can’t get it to work .