Summary of ArduCopter stick gestures?

Is there a page that summarizes in one place all the standard stick gestures, i.e. actions you can perform via the sticks of your TX? The ones I know of are:

  • Arm - throttle/yaw to bottom left (arming docs)
  • Compass recalibration - throttle/yaw stick to top right (calibration docs)
  • Lost copter beep - roll/pitch to bottom left.

I came across the lost copter beep by accident (and only know that it is the lost copter beep because you see a message telling you so in the MissionPlanner log). I think I’ve seen that you can also recalibrate the gyro via the sticks but forget where and what stick positions are involved.

Are there other stick “gestures”? And are they documented somewhere or are they just common(ish) knowledge within the community?

Sorry if this is already covered in a previous post here or a wiki article or in the documentation - Google didn’t help me find such a page.

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Really need a specific wiki description

Set “AutoTrim” On: Maintain Motor Arm during 15sec.