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Suggestions for hardware - is this a viable project? Trolling Motor conversion


I’ve got an idea for a project that I would really like to do. The idea is to basically convert my cheap trolling motor to have the full ardupilot rover software to enable anchoring and autopilot.

The trolling motor is controlled via 5v PWM 100hz and has a bit of a twist, 0% duty cycle means 100% throttle, 25% duty cycle means 75% throttle and so forth. The turning of the trolling motor is done with a L298N H-bridge.

Now to my question, what hardware would you suggest that I use to build this? I have a GPS module (U-blox Neo-6m), some NRF24 modules, and plenty of small electronic components, arduinos etc. I was not able to find out whether it is possible to use a pixhawk since the motor uses 100hz pwm as well as “reversed” throttle and a L298N H-bridge for turning.

Also, is it possible to instead of using a full size rc controller maybe use your phone via bluetooth or wifi? I understand this depends on which hardware is used, but this would be the prefered way so I don’t have to carry a rc controller with me on the boat.

Sorry for a bit of a long post but I would really appreciate your thoughts on this! :slight_smile:

Alright so I have done some further research. The L298N H-bridge I can control by converting servo-signals from a FC using an arduino so that should be no problem. I could probably get a different trolling motor as well that simply uses 0-5v for throttle and just get a PWM to voltage converter.

So, my question still remains, what hardware would you guys suggest? Is the pixhawk the go to for this type of project or is it overkill? Is it necessary to have a rc controller or can you use your phone to do this?

Not much activity going on here, am I asking stupid questions? :smiley:
Been trying to find out more about the different versions of pixhawks. Would a PX4 2.4.8 work for this?

No, those are not stupid questions. But if nobody knows the answers, nobody answers.

Yes, Pixhawk 2.4.8 is fine. But a Matek H743 is better (H7 vs. F4 processor).

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