Sudden twitch on EKF Yaw Reset


Copter-3.6.9 EKF2 on Pix FMUv2 HKPilot32, PX4Flow, Garmin lidar v3.

During flight indoor in havy mag environment (concreet building) in AltHold mode and active maneuvering suddenly there was twitch in Rol and Pitch.
Looking in logs i found out that there was EKF Yaw Reset at the moment which roughly changed Roll and Pitch that quad almost hit the wall. (See graph below).
Little bit early there was another EKF Yaw Reset, but quad hovering and nothing happend.
In all cases Yaw of the quad not changed and stay solid.

Could anyone help, is it ok that such twitch may happen because of the compass or somthing wrong with setup? Or may be there are some settings to reduce such effects in mag noisy environment?
Or maybe it makes sense to switch to EKF3 with disabled compass for such places?

Test 7.2 - log_8_UnknownDate.bin (710.4 KB)

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