Sudden power loss on both CAN ports

I’m experiencing a strange issue. I haven’t been having any issues with this particular build until today. I plugged a battery in to do some test flights, and noticed that my Here2 wasn’t powering up. I thought it that the CAN cable from the Here might be unplugged, but it’s plugged in. When I checked the power pins on the CAN ports they show 0v. Any idea what might be causing this? I’m using the MRo ACSP7 power module which has been great so far. To be clear, the last time I flew I had no issues and no crashes or hard landings that might cause a power loss on the CAN bus.

I should note that I did a quick voltage check on serial 2 and it shows 3.3v

The rangefinder on serial 2 was causing a short. When I unplug it the Here works :slight_smile:

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