Success tunning for Auto mode

Finally I get time to go to the stearn and test lastest firmware.
I’ve started with speed and steer controller in acro mode. It was prety easy to get it working.
Then tryed a mission in auto mode (with TURN_MAX_G set to 0.02) and it works without touch any other parameters. Nice!!!

Thank to all developers and specilly to rmackay9 !!!



Congratulations! Looks fantastic! Nice location too.
It would be great if you could upload this video or a future video to youtube so we could share it more easily.

Great stuff!

EDIT: I uploaded your video to my youtube channel to allow easier sharing. It’s unlisted for now at least because I didn’t want to just post it without your permission.

I’ve just did the same:

No problem with your post!
Best regards!

A couple of images:

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Great, I’ve blogged it. hope you don’t mind :slight_smile: