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Sub centimeter accuracy using F9P

Hello guys,

can anyone help with some issue regarding F9P?

i am using the simpleTRK2b as a base and simpleRTK2b + simpleRTK2blite as a rover and moving baseline.

i managed to get a 0.05 accuracy of RTK in the Mission Planner, but the HDOP is 0.52 and won’t get lower than that. i’m excpecting to get HDOP of 0.10 at least with the accuracy i got using the RTK.

hope someone can shed some light on this issue.

Thank you,

Please read more about hdop on wikipedia or something like that. hdop does not directly translate to accuracy.

The accuracy is measured by the gps_xy_accuracy value, not by the hdop value.

Thank you very much for your help!

If you are chasing ‘sub-centimeter accuracy’ with Ardupilot using any GNSS module at all, you should know that the internal resolution of the location is already larger than 1 centimeter. This limits the location accuracy regardless of the input. Chasing better accuracy

where can I see this value? is it in the Mission Planner?

Dataflash logs GPSA.XAcc or GPSA.AccX or something like that.
You sould also get some values using Mavlink telemetry, but only for GPS2 and only if you use mavlink2.

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