Stuck throttle in FBWA

For the second time I lost control of throttle . Marek f405wing with lumin ire 51amp blheli32 esc .
There was no event which preceeded the loss of throttle control . I was in the air with ar900 wing for about 10 minutes . Upon landing approach I dropped throttle to glide in as usual . No response from throttle . Still at cruise level while in in FBWA . I have verified it this time as the 1st time this nonsense happened I thought it might have been me with wrong flight mode .
Not this time , no mode changes , osd showing FBWA . After a while longer I simply had to bring it in . I was testing a new 7000mah pack and I probably could have gone another 30 minutes on it .
So much for that pack , could not recover .
No way I’m flying either the ardupilot or using these ESCs again .
I was fortunate the wing didn’t get away from me and cause damage or injury !

Hello how about posting you log file ?
and what type radio gear your using

I keep getting large file error every time even though file is well under 4500kb .

Crossfire std tx module with nano rx .
Channels : default radio channel order CH1=roll CH2=elev Ch3=throttle
Also I have telemetry radio which did capture the flight onto laptop

upload failed . File size was under 2 meg but it says it cant upload files larger than 4500KB
Screwed up !
If there is some other way to post tlog let me know

You’ll need to use a file sharing service like Google Drive, or Dropbox, or Sync. Then share a link to the file here.